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Welcome to The Unmuted Life! Rejoice in your voice!
Living an unmuted life is a journey of discovery, expansion and development. It is the pursuit of living authentically to one’s self and talents. It is learning to let go of the world’s confinement and definement in pursuit of alignment with God’s vision for you.
Taking YOU off of mute takes courage. It is a path of living, leading and loving, not a destination. The world needs you and as you unveil yourself, dreams, talents and treasures not yet released, you will add resource and joy to the family and community you are a part of.  The unique and divinely created you is necessary for this world to achieve harmony.
Living an Unmuted life requires you to step out of the confines of your present and be brave enough get out of the box. Put fear in the corner and give faith center stage.
My purpose at The Unmuted Life is to equip and inspire you to find your voice and turn up the volume. My mission is to help you step into your light and be who God needs you to be. If we each move into our light, love and purpose we can live a whole-hearted life of fulfillment, intention and inspiration.
Welcome to The Unmuted Life!

Quiet Reflection

Every now and then I am asked to write or speak for a group or publication. This was one such occasion, for my church, Sacred Heart, in Conroe, Texas. I was honored that they asked. If you like the content, give them follow.

“What heart is so hard and stubborn that it would not melt contemplating

the affectionate love divine goodness bears for it?”

—Saint Catherine of Siena

My first Christmas as a new mom was fast approaching. My first-born, Daniel, was fast approaching 11 months old. We were a new family fresh out of a financial struggle that did not leave much “extra” for gifts. My solution was to write love letters to my parents as part of my Christmas gift to each of them…”

Shine On! Community sparklers

Cassandra Mays: Feeding the Front Line

Welcome to my special series: Shine On! Community Sparklers
Today I interview  Salt Remedy owner, Cassandra Mays. While her business is being paused due to COVID 19 restrictions, she has not sat idly. She is on a mission to Feed the Front Line in collaboration with Reflective Life Ministries and provide food and good words to our healthcare heroes. This effort of goodwill is also aiding restaurants and food providers in the Montgomery County area to stay afloat while we navigate these stormy waters. Please take some time to learn more about what Cassandra and friends are doing to make a difference.

The Power of Words & Our Children

With Dana Briers

Dana Briers is a mom, wife and educator. She shares her 24 years of education experience and the aha moment that changed everything for her children in the classroom and life. Now she’s on a mission to help others more effectively communicate with their children to optimize a growth mindset. It all starts with the words we use.

Fluttering with Angela Aja

I was originally introduced to Angela Aja at our local ABWA meeting. She was invited to speak to our group about transformation and the Five Stages of the Rise of A Woman. I was impressed by her story, conviction, humility, and mission; I knew immediately she would be an extraordinary guest for The Unmuted Life! Angela is an author, certified life coach, and  CEO and Founder of Confidence Builder’s Inc. She has a message of hope for those of us on this journey of life and empowers us to join the flutter!

Read Angela’s Book: Summoned to Soar, Five Stages of the Rise of A Woman 

Angela’s Websites: www. OR 

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VIP to me, Alex Guillemin

Salon Owner and Stylist

Alex Guillemin and I inside Carbon Salon

When you walk into Carbon Salon, you are notice right away the upbeat, modern, yet warm feeling. The staff greets you with smiles and beverage options. Cool music is keeping the vibe upbeat. There is chatter and laughter. In this place, you can unwind and enjoy the experience. You just entered an oasis.

Carbon Salon is the reality created by young entrepreneur, Alex Guillemin, salon owner and hair artisan.  With a vision and a dream, Alex set out 4 years ago to start her own salon. At the young age of 27, she had a clear vision of what would set her salon apart. Equipped with mentors and belief in herself, Alex has created an experience for her customers and at the same time, has empowered her team to become better versions of themselves. She has a unique style of leadership and a heart for development and growth. She shares with us about her journey, her mission, her leadership style, and of course, how to live an unmuted life!

Listen to her interview on The Unmuted Life Podcast

Carbon Website

Facebook @carbonpaulmitchellsalon


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