The Unmuted Life

Welcome to The Unmuted Life! Rejoice in your voice!
Living an unmuted life is a journey of discovery, expansion and development. It is the pursuit of living authentically to one’s self and talents. It is learning to let go of the world’s confinement and definement in pursuit of alignment with God’s vision for you.
Taking YOU off of mute takes courage. It is a path of living, leading and loving, not a destination. The world needs you and as you unveil yourself, dreams, talents and treasures not yet released, you will add resource and joy to the family and community you are a part of.  The unique and divinely created you is necessary for this world to achieve harmony.
Living an Unmuted life requires you to step out of the confines of your present and be brave enough get out of the box. Put fear in the corner and give faith center stage.
My purpose at The Unmuted Life is to equip and inspire you to find your voice and turn up the volume. My mission is to help you step into your light and be who God needs you to be. If we each move into our light, love and purpose we can live a whole-hearted life of fulfillment, intention and inspiration.
Welcome to The Unmuted Life!

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