The Unmuted Spotlight: Jessica Banahene

I am grateful to know the fabulous Jessica Banahene! She is a wonderful example of living an Unmuted Life! Beautiful inside and out, she strives to live her truth and be authentically Jessica. She is a loving wife, mother, sister and daughter. On a daily basis she helps people reach their health goals. She is a true inspiration to all who meet her and I am glad to call her friend! My favorite thing about Jessica? She lights up a room with her energy and love for others!


Jessica and I met a few years ago for a promotional event at The Woodlands Jenny Craig office where she was Center Director. Her leadership and care for others was evident as her staff was encouraging, lifting and smiling with each and every person that arrived. Her enthusiasm stems from changing lives, “What I love most about my job is the level of impact I can make on a person’s life. We talk on health, spiritual and mental levels. I get to watch a broken person morph into a healed and happy individual right before my eyes. That’s why I kick my covers off every morning. We….I change lives!”

Currently she is located at the Galleria Jenny Craig location with the vision of building solid relationships with the clients and growing a top-notch team. Her goal for this year is to live an authentic life and live in her light, “If I could tell people anything it would be…’To thine own self be true!'”

She strives to be honest, truthful, kind and inspiring.  She is living an unmuted life! Thank you Jessica Banahene for striving to be the best you and helping others do the same! You are an Unmuted Inspiration!

Contact Jessica Here.


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