I began my day thinking about bookends. Yes, bookends.

One would use bookends on each side of their book collection to keep the books within straight and tall on the shelf (I actually have a cute set of bookends in my office that, if together, would form a bicycle). My thoughts, however, were taking me to a different form of bookend:
How do we bookend our day?

How is it that we begin and end each day? Do we start and finish each day by scrolling through Facebook, watching tv, writing a journal entry, prayer, meditation, scripture reading, gratitudes, stretching, planning our day….? Do we start and finish well?

Do you have a daily routine, or habit? Is it an intentional routine or one that has just come into play? Does it serve you well?

When I am being unintentional about my days, I drift into scrolling FB or TV doldrums. Whatever I see, fills my mind and enters my domain. If, however, I am intentional with my time, I get to choose what enters my mind, body, and spirit. Each morning I am filling my cup with something besides coffee! Let it be of my choosing! And each night, before I sleep I am setting the stage for dreams and a new dawn.

Do you have a bookend routine?

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