The Kondo Craze

Have you jumped on the Marie Kondo Bandwagon? I have, well, I am a little bit of a de-clutterer anyway. Clutter is not good for my state of mind. It creates stress and reduces my creativity. Trust me, I am in no way perfect at the clutter crisis in my home. In fact, with 2 teenagers, two fur babies, a husband on the go and a modern lifestyle, we collect just as much stuff as anybody else! Oftentimes, it finds itself pile up next to the refrigerator, stacked in a “pending” bin in my office, or waiting in some inconvenient location in my house for me to “deal” with it. If you are ever a guest in my home, there are a few scary closets and drawers that I would advise you not to open!

With all of that being said, I am also a big advocate of getting rid of things. Quite frankly, we do not need it all. It clutters our mind, spirit, and well-being. Clutter can attribute to debt, weight, and other types of hoarding or excess tendencies. Master Organizer, Peter Walsh, is a good resource on that type of clutter and has several books on the topic. Marie Kondo is another organizer on the scene that has ignited the sparking joy approach. She has taken Netflix and the world by storm with her “Tidying Up” program inspiring many to toss the junk and tidy up! Both of these organizing gurus are inspiration for me to live an unmuted and uncluttered life!

I talk more about tossing the clutter and the Kondo Craze on my latest podcast. You can listen here:

Have you started your own decluttering journey?

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