Taking A Leap of Faith with Kathryn Vernon

Kathryn and I at the Conroe Noon Lions Club Luncheon.
Kathryn and I at the Conroe Noon Lions Club luncheon

Red, wind-blown curls and a bright smile greeted me as I heard a “tap, tap, tap,” on my car window. I rolled down the window to an electric personality and vibrancy that is nearly impossible to resist. “I need to know you,” she said, “can we meet for coffee?” And that is how I met Kathryn Vernon.

Kathryn is a native Texan.  She speaks her mind, tells the truth, and follows her heart. She is determined, friendly, and has the gift of gab. She possesses a special gift of magnetism, and it shines through immediately.

Kathryn is part of the millennial generation who are known for appreciating authenticity and bringing fresh energy into life and work.  What makes Kathryn stand out is that already in her life she has achieved levels of greatness by simply living out her authenticity and listening to the calls of the spirit.

Her path to graduation from Texas A&M with a degree in Sociology was the scenic route. While her course was not conventionally direct, the wisdom and experience she gained through her journey are priceless. Since high school, she had the initiative to begin several businesses and devoted her spare time to volunteering at an equine therapy center. As of late, with her strong communication skills, fearless attitude, and warm approach, she has embarked on a career in marketing and business development.

4 year-old Kathryn playing with one of the children her family hosted from the African Children’s Choir.

She and I have visited with each other a few times: coffee, a Lions Club meeting, phone calls, and 2 podcast interviews (long story). We are never short on anything to talk about and each time I learn about her, I know that she is onto something big. In my world, I call it the “it” factor. She certainly has IT. During our first coffee (in which we were so chatty that we visited well past our appointment time) we embarked on a conversation of faith. This is where Kathryn’s story becomes especially radiant as she shared a story about her leap of faith at age 21 to embark on a mission trip to South Africa. For 3 months she poured into the people of South Africa. The experience and lessons she learned during her time there made an imprint on her heart that she carries into her daily living.  She loved the beauty and the food of the place, but mostly she fell in love with the people.

She cared for and loved on children who were orphaned, HIV positive, and other varieties of challenges. She visited the elderly and aided the people in anyway that she could. Kathryn wholeheartedly lived in her moment and with joy, she served.

She knows that The Lord put it on her heart to go to South Africa, and while she knows that not everyone is called to go on a mission trip she does lend some advice that can be applied to any calling that you  feel may be on your life. These are just a quick excerpt of the conversation we shared on The Unmuted Life Podcast. It is well worth the listen:

  1. If you have desire, you are called to go.
  2. Pray for the right opportunity and fast if you feel hesitant.
  3. Immerse yourself into the culture.
  4. Journal.
  5. Be obedient.

Kathryn is an example of living an unmuted life! She strives to live in her light, use her gifting and talents, and follow the missions presented to her. When asked what is next, she is not sure. She knows another mission is in her future as is sharing her faith and journey through her new blog:

Kathryn Vernon’s Blog

She will be one to follow as more of her story unfolds. Check out her interview on The Unmuted Life Podcast to find out what her top 3 suggestions are to lead an unmuted life!

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