Dream Chasing and Interior Design with Michelle Harper

Tips to live a good life and create a joyful space

Sometimes we wander aimlessly in our life and do not listen to the whispers of our hearts. When you can tune into the calling upon your life and take action on that calling, that is where your unmuted life begins. As for Michelle Harper, she listened to her call and boldly stepped away from a lucrative 15-year corporate career to courageously chase down her dreams.

Michelle Harper and Stacey Jata recording The Unmuted Life


  “Why am I in a miserable sales job when my passion is design and helping people love their homes?”

Michelle Harper asked herself that simple question that ultimately changed her course forever. Having followed the corporate path for 15 years, she finally took a chance on chasing down her own dreams of building an interior design business. With her homey mission and desire to create warmth, love, and joy inside of people’s homes, Right Next Door Designs was formed. While the transition was challenging and change takes courage, she hit the ground running and has never looked back.

She was motivated for change so that she could spend more time with her children instead of on the road selling for others. Through prayer, introspection, and timely inspiration from a church service, she knew that, “God does have a purpose for all of us. We all have a calling.” While she faces obstacles and new challenges regularly, she says, “I never gave it a thought in terms of success or failure or anything like that, I was just going to do what God called me to do.”

Her jump start was a Facebook post that resulted in her initial clientele. Now, only three years later, she has built an interior design client base and a retail space all while keeping the main thing the main thing: keeping her children a priority. When asked how she balances her business with her family as a single mom, she reveals that she handles it in stride. She always tries to be home for the kids but gives herself grace if she cannot do it that day. Michelle is also very passionate about setting a good example of her work ethic so that she can teach them the core values of making a good life happen.

Michelle knows that it takes much energy, drive, and focus to live a good life and as much as she works on the interior design of people’s homes, she also believes on working on the interior self.  Her personal mission is to remember that, “I am a proud, joyful, and loving mom, grandmother, sister, daughter, and friend who strives to be a role model to all who I encounter. I want to help others achieve all that God meant them to be.”

Michelle’s 3 keys for living an unmuted life are simple:

  • Accept yourself.
  • Try new things and do more of what makes you happy.
  • “What you think about you bring about.” Work on keeping the people, thoughts, and spoken words towards yourself and others positive.

Michelle takes her core values into the work she does inside people’s homes. For her, design is based on joyful living and a happy home.

Michelle’s top 7 tips for joyful living:

  • Live in the space before you make decisions.
  • If you find something you love, buy it. We will find a space for it.
  • If you need help, use an expert. Interior designers serve a variety of purposes that can help you with our project. Just ask!
  • Be sure to include the husband and children on the project vision. They matter too.
  • Do not feel as though you must use the space as it was originally intended.
  • Do not worry about the trend, instead focus on what makes you happy. Add the trends in small inexpensive items.
  • Design around something you already own that brings you joy.

When you meet Michelle, you will get a warm welcome and more than most likely leave with a hug. You can find her at her retail shop, Right Next Door Designs, in The Woodlands, shows, lacrosse games with her kids, and working on client home transformations. She has a big vision for the future and what is next for her business. The best is yet to come!

To find out more about what is on Michelle Harper’s mind, listen to her on The Unmuted Life Podcast.

Connect with Michelle Harper of Right Next Door Designs





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