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Sparkling With Sophia

About a month ago, my daughter and I did something very impulsive. My immediate description of the decision to a friend was, “I did something stupid, but I think it is going to be REALLY fun!” And if you know me at all, there is probably much truth the the statement!

Needless to say, Sophia and I decided to share a line of Swarovski Jewelry together. Crazy right? Maybe at first glance. But ultimately, it is a great bonding and learning opportunity for my daughter and I. We need to invest in our children and their interests. Sophia loves jewelry. Easy enough, and now, she is learning marketing skills, public speaking, business organization, problem solving, and to her great surprise… she has had to apply MATH to a real life activity! She is having fun, we are spending time together and well…jewelry.

So where does the “stupid” part of this lie you must be wondering. It seems pretty great… yes…. but: we are already over-scheduled. School, sports, businesses, community involvement, and church activities have all of us playing life full out. However, if there is a will there is a way. Our approach was simple, Sophia and I each looked at the calendar and asked ourselves two questions:

What can I do?

What am I willing to do?

And then we did it. Now we are very sparkly and having fun. Plus, Sophia is plugging away at earning the funds for her Washington D.C. trip, and that makes me very proud of her. Who knows where these small lessons will take her in her future?

I want to see the sparkles! Click here.


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