The Seasons of Life

With Nancy Robbins

Nancy Robbins selling Texas Real Estate.

You just never know who will share a story with you that your soul needs to hear. People’s stories are meant to be shared and listened to. We are meant for community and relationship. Long ago, these stories were shared around the campfires or while doing laundry in the yard as we were a communal people. Families lived together and shared in the duties of living and survival. Now, as times have progressed, we glean into these pearls of wisdom through podcasts and media. Yet, we still need them. We need the wisdom. They lend hope, spark resilience, and support.

My time with Nancy Robbins reminded me of our storytelling connection. She has been married for 40 years, mother of 3, and Nana to 8. She has experienced life’s ups and downs. She married young and worked to build a life. Then, as her season changed, seven years ago she embarked on a new journey and began a career in real estate.

The revelation with her story is that it is never too late or early to turn your page! Life comes and goes with seasons. Sometimes it is bitter and cold and just when all seems amiss, the season changes and life again is alive and growing. Some wouldn’t be brave enough to take on a new career later in life, but Nancy did. She has built a thriving real estate business sticking to her core values and truly helping others. Additionally, she is constantly stretching herself to become better everyday. She challenges herself with uncomfortable things like… being on a podcast, doing FB Live videos, and other social media endeavors. She is a model of growth for us to be inspired by in our own life and choices.

Please take a listen to this podcast featuring her story. She also gifts us with a real estate tip for the season as well as 3 ways to live an unmuted life!!

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