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What I Learned from a Rabbi and How it Helped me Become a Better Parent and Live an Intentional Life

I once read a book by a Rabbi, I forget the name of the book, but in it, he asked a powerful question,"What kind of person do you want to be?" He used this simple question to help his children navigate life and their decision making. When they made choices that were wrong, displayed negative… Continue reading What I Learned from a Rabbi and How it Helped me Become a Better Parent and Live an Intentional Life

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Not Easily Broken

I would like to introduce you to my friend, Warner Phelps. He is an advocate and mentor for children. He believes in making a difference everyday and he is certainly a model of living an Unmuted Life.

Warner brings enthusiasm, humor, love and faith to his everyday and shares that with everyone he comes into contact with.

Thank you Warner Phelps for being the truest version of you to help the world be a better place.

Warner Phelps

It’s tough asking for advice.

Well, it’s not tough to ask for advice. It’s tough to ask for advice when you think someone might actually disagree with your plans or opinion.

Asking for someone to rubber stamp something you’ve been working on or tell you that your ill-conceived idea is terrific is easy. We all love a good yes man.

But it’s not what we need. We need an advocate that listens to us, knows us, and is not afraid to challenge us when we are wrong.

Mentoring a student is really no different. Because, as we all know, kids, especially teenagers, pretty much know everything. But maybe, just maybe, if there were a trusted adult, who isn’t their parent, to come along side and simply ask questions like:

Are you sure about that?

What if that isn’t true?

Maybe there is another way?

Could it be that this isn’t…

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Dealing with Defeat

When I was 5 years old and in my first few months of Kindergarten, my class was out on the recess field playing kickball. I had never played kickball before. I had never even been on a ball field before. I was 5 years older than my younger sister and we lived where we had… Continue reading Dealing with Defeat