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Unwrap U- The Best Gift to Yourself for 2020 and Beyond!

What happens when 4 experts in their field have great synergy and a desire to help people build their best lives? A seminar of course! Meru Hunter McHanon and I were working on another project when I met 2 other members of her seminar…

Sparkling With Sophia

About a month ago, my daughter and I did something very impulsive. My immediate description of the decision to a friend was, “I did something stupid, but I think it is going to be REALLY fun!” And if you know me at all, there…

Word of the Day: Priority

Priority: something given or meriting attention before competing alternatives. What is your priority? What is your number one? Is it God, family, spouse, work, or something else. What is your number two and three priority? Why are these so important to you? When you…

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