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Quiet Reflection

My first Christmas as a new mom was fast approaching. My first-born, Daniel, was fast approaching 11 months old. We were a new family fresh out of a financial struggle that did not leave much “extra” for gifts.

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Cherish Every Moment Because it is the Best Moment

Coffee and Podcast with Bobby Brennan I like to think of Bobby Brennan as the Catholic gentleman. He is polite, congenial, servant-hearted, and completely in love with his wife of 28 years. He is a family man through and through. We sit together to have a heart to heart about these things. Parenthood, mowing grass,… Continue reading Cherish Every Moment Because it is the Best Moment

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Michelle Simon: Thriving in the Chaos!

Inside information on raising 7 children, the mess, the beauty, the love, and everything in between! Michelle and David Simon with their crew! "There are so many women in our life, that God puts into our life to be able to lean on, for a reason. We don't come into the world by ourselves, we… Continue reading Michelle Simon: Thriving in the Chaos!

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What Does the Blue Flame Have to Do with Burnt Chicken

  This article contains affiliate links. A book review. Anyone who puts a burnt chicken on the front cover of their book has my attention. It is a completely relatable item, burned food. I felt an immediate kindred mother spirit with Jennifer Fulwiler before I even read the first page of her book, One Beautiful… Continue reading What Does the Blue Flame Have to Do with Burnt Chicken

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Dealing with Defeat

When I was 5 years old and in my first few months of Kindergarten, my class was out on the recess field playing kickball. I had never played kickball before. I had never even been on a ball field before. I was 5 years older than my younger sister and we lived where we had… Continue reading Dealing with Defeat