My Meru Experience

With Meru Hunter McMahon

Podcast Day with Meru Hunter McMahon. Two podcasts in one day!
The Meru Experience & The Unmuted Life.

My time with Meru is never boring! We have long chats about a variety of ideas, stories, business, and family. Her worldly views and international background bring a fresh perspective to our conversations. She has had the opportunity to live in Kazakhstan (where she was born and raised), China, and the United States. She speaks 3 languages (not Chinese) and has a witty sense of humor about herself and life– even though her story has hard times and heartache in it as well. I love her open nature, her passion for others, and how she giggles when she is amused!

Meru Hunter McMahon and I met through our local chapter of ABWA. (ABWA-IWIB/The Woodlands). She has a knack for money and finance. She is a Profit Improvement Partner and owner of Your Savings Pro. Her primary focus is to assist small businesses and individuals recover money in their spending so that more money can be used for their desired vision and purpose. She helps look at things with fresh eyes. You can often find her around town doing seminars and workshops for her business, or on her passion project, SCORE, where she is a mentors others for for success.

Meru’s desire to help others is not limited to their finances and business success, but also in their overall quality of life. She strives to draw from her unique well of experience and cultural exposure to share more than money tips, but life tips as well. Her life scope includes the pain of losing her mother and discovering the healing power of music. Her hospitality and inclusion mindset was shaped by her own struggle with language barriers and feeling excluded while living in China. Even the heartache of divorce and the courage to love again is an part of Meru’s story. She hopes that in sharing her own life she can add value and help others be confident in their own life journey. She understands that life is complicated and beautiful in one breath! These desires have inspired her to broaden her her current mission to include a podcast that she is releasing soon called, The Meru Experience. Be looking for it soon, it will be on all platforms.

I am honored that Meru spent a little time with me on The Unmuted Life talking about these things and more. She even gave me permission to share her YouTube Channel with the musical tribute to her mom. Meru lives an Unmuted Life, listening to the calls placed upon her, displaying courage, helping others and growing in her talents.

Listen to the Podcast Here.

Find Meru here:

Youtube link with the songs she wrote for her mother.

Be on the lookout for the release of her Podcast: The Meru Experience. Coming soon to a platform near you!

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